59024-12 - 59024-00 Freightliner Replacement Series

59024 12
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Terminals are arranged to match OEM wiring connectors.
59024-00 series available with or without brackets.
Silver contacts.
Black phenolic switch housing with metal cap.
15/32" -32 thread mounting stem. Fits panels to .093" (2.4mm) with spacer provided, or to .25" (6.4mm) without spacer.
Includes mounting hardware: black metal facenut.
Keyway is in the down position.
Black plastic 1" (25.4mm) handle, matte finish.
Two tin-plated blade terminals.

25A at 12V DC.
Up: On, Down: Off.
Dual contacts for extra durability.
Property (Mouseover for details) Value
Switch type Toggle
Description Toggle Switch Freightliner Replacement or General Usage
Circuitry SPST
Electrical rating 25 A at 12 V DC
Contact Materials Silver
Housing Black plastic with metal cap
Up position On
Center position Off
Down position None
Terminals 2 tin-plated blade
Handle material Black plastic
Handle type Paddle
Handle size: inches 1 Long
Handle size: mm 25.4mm
Mounting hardware Black finished face nut
Mounting stem material Black finished brass
Mounting Hole Dimensions 15/32 (11.90mm) Panel Hole
Panel Thickness .093 (2.4mm) to .25 (6.4mm) thick
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