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Our comprehensive range of rectifier diodes offers class-leading performance and reliability. Devices are available with blocking voltages from 200V up to 7.2kV. Optimized to offer low conduction losses, these devices are ideally suited to line frequency applications up to 400Hz including input rectifiers for variable speed drives, traction converters, trackside substations, welding and DC power supplies. Featuring high temperature alloyed die construction, these devices offer low thermal impedance with high overload capacity and are designed to survive even the most arduous applications. The latest additions to the Littelfuse Rectifier Diode family are the new 38mm and 50mm dia die Wespack Rectifier Diodes and the new 96mm large area rectifier diodes. These new designs are constructed using low temperature sintering technology and have an improved package design for maximum power to package ratio, as well as better thermal and electromechanical performance. The Wespack parts are available in current ratings up to 4295A and voltage ratings up to 3000V. The 96mm parts are available in current ratings up to 12100A and voltage ratings up to 6000V Also now available is a new 1263A rated M24 stud based assembly with voltage grades up to 2500V.

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Catalog #TJ Max (°C)Package TypeVRRM [Diode] (V)IFSM 10ms Half Sine Wave (A)I2t [Diode] (A2s)V0 (V)rS (mOhm)RthJC 180° Sine Wave (K/W)RthJC 120° Rect. Pulse (K/W)IFAV @ Tc=55 ℃ (A)Part DatasheetCompare
W0428RE250150W3925005500151 x 10³0.9260.7390.130.153428Part
W0428RE280150W3928005500151 x 10³0.9260.7390.130.153428Part
W0428RE320150W3932005500151 x 10³0.9260.7390.130.153428Part
W0428RF250150W2425005500151 x 10³0.9260.7390.130.153428Part
W0428RF280150W2428005500151 x 10³0.9260.7390.130.153428Part
W0428RF320150W2432005500151 x 10³0.9260.7390.130.153428Part
W0428SE250150W3925005500151 x 10³0.9260.7390.130.153428Part
W0428SE280150W3928005500151 x 10³0.9260.7390.130.153428Part
W0428SE320150W3932005500151 x 10³0.9260.7390.130.153428Part
W0428SF250150W2425005500151 x 10³0.9260.7390.130.153428Part
W0428SF280150W2428005500151 x 10³0.9260.7390.130.153428Part
W0428SF320150W2432005500151 x 10³0.9260.7390.130.153428Part
W0503RC160180W2416005500151 x 10³0.990.740.130.153503Part
W0503RC200180W2420005500151 x 10³0.990.740.130.153503Part
W0503RC240180W2424005500151 x 10³0.990.740.130.153503Part
W0503SC160180W2416005500151 x 10³0.990.740.130.153503Part
W0503SC200180W2420005500151 x 10³0.990.740.130.153503Part
W0503SC240180W2424005500151 x 10³0.990.740.130.153503Part
W0735RA120190W2312009000405 x 10³0.790.3420.130.153735Part
W0735RA150190W2315009000405 x 10³0.790.3420.130.153735Part
W0735SA120190W2312009000405 x 10³0.790.3420.130.153735Part
W0735SA150190W2315009000405 x 10³0.790.3420.130.153735Part
W1263YC200KER175W114200011000405 x 10³0.870.330.12490.1359675 
W1263YC200KES175W114200011000405 x 10³0.870.330.12490.1359675 
W1263YC250KER175W114250011000405 x 10³0.870.330.12490.1359675 
W1263YC250KES175W114250011000405 x 10³0.870.330.12490.1359675 
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