Pilots, Lamps and Alarms

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  • Package Type: 4099-BP, 4099-BX, 40151-BX, 40100-BX, 40212-BX, 4112-RC-BP, 4112-RC-BX, 4124-RD000-BX

  • Description: advanced integrated circuit surface mount technology., bus driver alert, door or momentary switch., etc., etc. Works with any temperature, low air pressure, pressure, temperature, 12V DC Buzzer for door ajar warning, 12V DC Dual alarm with buzzer and LED gives audible and visible alert., 24V DC Dual alarm with buzzer and LED gives audible and visible alert., 24V DC Universal buzzer fFor door ajar warning, Buzzer pull switch that attaches to a cord. For use by passengers in buses and rapid transit vehicles., Dual rate electronic alarm

  • Details: 4112-RC, 4124-RD., door or momentary switch., pressure, the second actuates a slower rate alarm tone., Universal application: use with any electrical switch., Universal application: use with any temperature, Use with related buzzer/flashers: 4099, Use with two input sources to warn of two different conditions. Sounds at two different rates: one sensor triggers a fast-rate alarm

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    Lamp Sockets

  • Description: Automotive Replacement Standard Base Socket, Converts double wire to single contact, Miniature Bayonet Base, Miniature Bayonet Base Snap-In Mounting Socket, Standard Bayonet Base Bracket mounting Socket

  • Details: back-up tail stop turn signal and cornering, plated steel bottom bracket, plated steel side bracket, Snap-in mounting, Snap-in mounting socket

  • ObsoleteDate: 01/01/2018, 8/14/18