Heater Series - PTC, Post Style

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To allow the SCR system to work at low temperatures, heaters are used to maintain the DEF in liquid phase or to thaw the solution in case of frozen DEF in the tank.



  • SCR systems in passenger car, commercial vehicles or power generator
  • DEF tank or module
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  • Robust construction makes this heater well suited to harsh environments

  • All raw materials used are designed for permanent contact with DEF solution, to avoid poisoning of the catalyst

  • Intrinsically safe, surface temperatures cannot reach dangerous levels

  • PTC self regulates the power absorption in function of DEF flow and temperature

  • Self-regulated PTC heating elements

  • 250W @ 24V power rating

  • Stainless steel body

  • Choice of connectors and terminals

Access specifications, certifications, check availability and order parts below

Catalog #Supply Voltage (V)Power Rating (W)Heater TypeOperating Temperature (°C)
DEF_UREA12 Battery250PTC-40 to +100