Junction & Terminal Blocks

  • Common BusBar Screw Terminals

  • Wiring Management with Multiple Screw Terminal Outlets

  • Details: Used in Marine Environment to consolidate wiring routings above a solid brass busbar

  • Contact Material: Screws #8-32 UNC-2A, Screws #8-32 UNC-2A, Screws, #8-32 UNC-2A

  • Housing: Moisture-Resistant Molded Thermoplastic Insulator Base

  • Battery Jumper Terminals and Studs

  • Remote Battery Connections

  • Contact Material: Copper 110, Stud 1/2-20 UNF, Stud 3/8-16, Stud M10x1.5, Stud M8-1.25in

  • Housing: Black Thermoplastic PA66 (A0520FN03 25% GF UL94VO), Impact-Resistant Plastic Insulator and Mounting Bushing, Nylon 66

  • Mounting Method: Through 1.2656 (32.1mm) diameter hole; do not exceed 13.5Nm, Through 1.2656in (32.1mm) diameter hole; do not exceed 13.5Nm, Through 1.312 (33.32mm) diameter hole; do not exceed 13.5Nm, Through 1.312in (33.32mm) diameter hole; do not exceed 13.5Nm, Two opposite mounting holes for 0.18mm screws 22mm x 18mm apart.

Cole Hersee is now part of Littelfuse 

Littelfuse acquired Cole Hersee in 2010 to offer their customers a more extensive portfolio of products in the commercial vehicle market. Since Cole Hersee was founded in 1924, they have been a pioneer and leader in the development of heavy-duty electrical products for the vehicle industry, and have earned a reputation for quality and value. Cole Hersee has collaborated on many basic industry standards and is a preferred supplier of over 2,000 dependable vehicle products and accessories.

Littelfuse Cole Hersee Brand products are available as standard or custom designed products to meet customer needs. Contact us to discuss the possibilities. Our engineers are on hand to design from the ground up the best solution to your application.

Vehicle Types

  • Trucks
  • Street Trucks (i.e. Snowplow, Bucket, Garbage, Sweepers)
  • Buses and RVs (i.e. School, Commercial, Transit, Motor Homes)
  • Construction (i.e. Backhoes, Pavers, Bulldozers, Compactors)
  • Agriculture (i.e. Harvesters, Combines, Tractors)
  • Emergency (i.e. Ambulance, Fire, Police)