Technical Notes

Protection Relays Technical Notes

Current Transformers

TN-CT03 Locating Conductors in CT Window Tech Note

TN-CT04 Hammond CTs

TN-CT06 CT Turns Ratio Modification

TN-CT08 Ground-Fault CT Location

TN-CT09 Sensitive Ground Fault with Split Core CT

TN-CT10 CT PT Polarity Testing

TN-CT11 FPL Zero-sequence Sensors with Littelfuse Relays


Feeder Protection

TN-FP01 FPU-32 Replace Line Power 07 2000

TN-FP02 Replacing an FPU-16 with an FPU-32

TN-FP04 Testing an FPU-32 Feeder Protection Unit

TN-FP06 ABB Circuit Shield Solid State Relay to FPU-32 Feeder Protection Unit Upgrade


Ground Check

TN-GC01 SE 105 Termination and Frequency Response

TN-GC02 SE 105 Theory of Operation

TN-GC03 SE-105 Settings Record

TN-GC04 SE-105 Tests

TN-GC05 GF GC Monitor Comparison

TN-GC06 Replacing SE-125 with SE-135

TN-GC07 SE-134C Guideform Specification

TN-GC08 Using GF GC Monitors Load Discrimination

TN-GC09 Splitter-Box Dual-Cable Monitoring

TN-GC10 Parallel Path Isolator

TN-GC12 Ground Check Monitor Induced and Coupled AC Performance

TN-GC13 Splitter-Box Dual-Cable Monitoring with an SE-135


Ground Fault Protection

TN-GF02 SE-701 Competitive Comparison

TN-GF03 Ground-Fault Misconceptions

TN-GF04 SE-701 Remote Reset

TN-GF05 Ground-Fault Monitor Comparison

TN-GF06 SE-601-DC Ground-Fault Protection 

TN-GF07 Ground-fault Monitor Guideform Specification

TN-GF08 SE-601 with Asymmetrical GRM

TN-GF09 Generator Differential GF Protection

 TN-GF10 Pulsing Ground Fault Systems

TN-GF11 Ground-Fault Monitoring in Adjustable Speed Drive Applications


Mounting Adapter

TN-MA03 PMA-3 GEC MCGG Adapter

TN-MA05 PMA-55 Adapter

TN-MA07 PMA-7 GE-LodTrak II Adapter

TN-MA09 PMA-9 GE S1 Case Adapter


Motor Protection

TN-MP02 MPU-32 Error vs CIM to MPU-32 Cable Length

TN-MP09 Using Hands Off Auto Selection Switch with the MPS

TN-MP10 Motor Protection Feature Comparison

TN-MP11 Competitive Comparison

TN-MP12 MPS Guideform Specification

TN-MP13 MPS Voltage Sequence Two PT Connection

TN-MP14 Using One OPI for Multiple Motors

TN-MP18 How to Replace an MPU-16A with an MPU-32

TN-MP19 MPU-32 Motor Protection Unit Guideform Specification

TN-MP20 MPU-32 DeviceNet Set-up Guide Based on RS Network 7.0

TN-MP21-Multilin P4A to MPU-32 Motor Protection Unit Upgrade

TN-MP22 MPU-32 Supplemental Supply Voltage Rating 


Resistance Grounding

TN-11-1 AU Earth-fault CT Selection Flowchart

TN-11-1 Ground-fault CT Selection Flowchart

TN-11-2 Locating phase conductors in a zero-sequence CT window

TN-11-4 Trailing Cable Types

TN-11-5 Polycast 200:5 CT Test

TN-11-7 Locating Phase Conductors in a Zero Sequence CT window

TN-RG01 NGR Monitoring with Isolated Ground Beds

TN-RG02 Application of SE-325 on alarm only systems

TN-RG03 SE-325 Neutral-Grounding-Resistor Monitor Setting

TN-RG04 SE-325 Neutral-Grounding-Resistor Monitor Guideform Specification

TN-RG05 SE-330 Neutral-Grounding-Resistor Monitor Guideform Specification

TN-RG06 SE-VS1002k Voltage Scaler for the SE-325

TN-RG07 SE-VS50010k Voltage Scaler

TN-RG08 SE-330 Neutral-Grounding-Resistor Monitor Settings

TN-RG09 Multiple Sources Single Neutral-Grounding Resistor

TN-RG10 SE-330HV Neutral-Grounding-Resistor Monitor Settings

TN-RG11 Voltage Metering In Resistance-Grounded Systems

TN-RG12 Implementing Resistance Grounding On Ungrounded Systems

TN-RG14 Neutral-grounding Resistor Checklist

TN-RG15 Implementing Resistance Grounding On Solidly Grounded Systems



TN-MI01 Dielectric Tests on SE-105 SE-125 SE-325 and SE-701