Battery Disconnect Switches

  • 1304089049 75920 side

    75920 Series

  • Sealed Master Disconnect Switches

  • Package Type: 75920-BX, 75920-BP, 75920-05-BX, 75920-10-BX

  • Description: Metric Switch, Metric Switch with Stainless Steel Hex and Washer, Standard Switch, Standard Switch with Stainless Steel Hex and Washer

  • Details: I-O markings, On-Off markings

  • SR Series

  • Single-Pole Master Disconnect Switches

  • Package Type: 880062S, 880064S, 880154S

  • Description: Flange Mount, High Cranking - Panel Mount with Lockout, Panel Mount with Lockout

  • Ingress Protection: ISO 8846, SAE J1171

  • m-750

    M-750 Series

  • Battery Selector Master Disconnect Switches

  • Package Type: M-750-BP, M-754-BP

  • Description: Basic model, With alternator field disconnect, With lock, With lock and alternator field disconnect, With pilot and pilot circuit, With pilot light

  • UL listed: Marine UL Listed

  • 2484 Series

  • SPST Single Pole Metal Body Battery Disconnect Switches

  • Package Type: 2484-BX, 2484-02-BX, 2484-03-BX, 2484-06-BX, 2484-09-BX, 2484-16-BX, 2484-19-BX, 2484-A-BX

  • Description: Same as 2484-02 - with o-ring seal in the operating shaft, Same as 2484-16 with copper contacts and without UL label, Weather resistant O-ring seal in operating shaft - gasket-sealed terminal insulation and sealant in mounting stem and case

  • Details: Single Pole - Two Positions: Off-On

  • 75900 Double Pole Series

  • DPST Double Pole Metal Body Battery Disconnect Switches

  • Package Type: 75903-BX, 75904-BX, 75904-01-BX, 75907-BX, 75912-BX

  • Details: Double Pole Off-On - Disconnects battery and field circuits, Double Pole - Two Positions: Off-On

  • Rating: 6-36 Vdc; Large studs 125A continuous - 1000A intermittent 15 sec. On 5 min. Off; Small studs 20A continuous, 6-36 Vdc; Large studs-2000A intermittent 30 sec. On 3 min. Off; 300A continuous. Small studs-20A continuous

  • M-284 Series

  • SPST Single Pole Brass Body Marine Battery Switches

  • Package Type: M-284-BP, M-284-BX, M-284-01-BP, M-284-01-BX, M-284-A-BX, M-284-02-BX

  • Description: M-284-02 with Faceplate in Bubble Pack, Marine Grade, Same as M-284-01 with O-ring seal in operating shaft - gasket-sealed terminal insulator - without UL label, Same as M-284-01 without UL label

  • Details: Single Pole - Two Positions: Off-On

  • 24505

    Accessories for Disconnect Switches

  • Lockout-Tagouts - Levers - Faceplates

  • Package Type: 24505-BX, 80101-B-BX, 82065-BP, 82065-BX, 82065-02-BX

  • Description: Face Plate, Lever, Lockout lever kit

  • Details: Chrome-Plated Cast Zinc Lever, Lever and Flange Plate for Padlock use metal case master disconnect switches, Off-On Marking, O-I Marking, With Indexing Pin, Without Indexing Pin