Integrated Variable-Frequency Drives

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Our variable-frequency drives can be used in a variety of industries to start motors, optimize load control, and achieve energy savings. Our unique VFD modules are designed to be low maintenance and do not require air filter replacement, and are designed to withstand harsh operating conditions including dust, frequent vibration, and sudden shocks. Unfortunately, the mining industry has not been able to fully realize these benefits as the combination of the electronics used in VFD’s and the dirty or harsh environments found in underground and open-pit mining tends to decrease the drive’s reliability and expected life. Littelfuse Startco has solved this problem by designing a low-maintenance modular system that keeps the critical components of the VFD isolated from the harsh mining conditions, yet meets the thermal cooling requirements of the VFD.

This Littelfuse Startco-designed integrated variable frequency drives have been engineered to minimize the need for regular maintenance. As a result of the convenient filter-less design, maintenance is limited to the simple periodic clearing of dust or debris from the heat sink on the back section.

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