Dewatering Substations and Pump Control Panels

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Dewatering is essential to efficient mining and oil field applications and frequent repositioning of the pumps and associated power is part of the job. Littelfuse offers a number of products for pump protection and control, including portable dewatering substations.
Find Littelfuse Startco Dewatering Capabilities
A pump-control panel offers a convenient way to connect portable pumps to an electrical distribution system. This panel is a custom product that typically incorporates protection relays and controls, such as a Littelfuse SymCom 777 PumpSaver Plus, MPU-32 Motor Protection Unit, an SE-105/SE-107 Ground-Fault Ground-Check Monitor, a breaker, a motor starter, and door-mounted indication into a rugged wall-mount or free-standing enclosure. The substation (or dewatering “sled”) may include a power transformer or generator, pump protection, starters, and an optional VFD for flow control.