Littelfuse Press Room

Corporate Contacts
Investor Relations

Trisha Tuntland
Head of Investor Relations
+1 773 628 2163
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Corporate Communications

Steve Schrier
Head of Corporate Communications
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Industry/Trade Contacts
Electronics - Global
Kristina Hodgson
Global Marketing Communications Manager
+1 773-628-0746
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Electronics - Asia
Lucy Tan
Regional Marketing Communication Specialist
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Passenger Car - Global
Cheryl Fudge
Director of Global Product Management
+1 773-628-0871
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Automotive Sensor Products - Global
Juergen Scheele
Vice President, ASP
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Commercial Vehicle Products
David Trick
Global Director, Product Management
+1 773-628-0619
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Powerfuses, Relays, & Custom Electrical Products-Global
Debra Jayson
Marketing Manager
+1 773-628-0738
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