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11/25/2019 High Performance Solutions for AC Power Line Protection Power Electronic News

The use of electronics in all our application fields has helped to create awareness of power quality.

11/4/2019 Electric Vehicle Charging: How Technology and Smart Engineering Will Make Our Electric Future Possible BIS Infotech

The number of electric vehicles (EVs) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) is, at present, low compared to internal combustion engine vehicles.

11/1/2019 Augmented Reality and the Internet of Things Power Systems Design

Those of us who wear glasses for vision correction are used to seeing the world through lenses.

10/31/2019 Six Position & Level Sensing Applications For Home Appliances Sensors Daily

Even with today’s energy efficient designs, modern appliances—especially refrigerators and freezers—are among any household’s major energy consumers.

10/30/2019 How to Find the Ideal Sensor for Your Industrial Automation Application Electronics Sourcing

Motion control and industrial automation systems create numerous challenges for design engineers.

10/16/2019 Littelfuse Expands High-Temperature TRIAC Thyristor Series to Help Designers Improve Thermal Management LEDs Magazine

The new thyristor series are ideal for IoT smart home applications including appliances, lighting, and controls.

10/3/2019 Littelfuse Releases New TVS Diode Arrays for Protecting High-Speed Data Lines All About Circuits

The new SP3384NUTG series are designed to shield 10GbE differential data lines from transient electrical hazards.

9/18/2019 TVS Diodes Provide 8-kW Peak Pulse Power Dissipation in a Space-Saving Package Power Electronics Tips

A new series of higher surge TVS Diode products come in an DO-214AB package.

9/1/2019 Executive Forum: Sensors and the IoT Tech Briefs

No longer just a buzzword, the Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly taking hold in many different industries, from aerospace and automotive, to medical and manufacturing.

8/14/2019 Hierarchy Of Controls For Electrical Safety Facility Executive

The hierarchy of controls is the core occupational safety and health approach for preventing injuries and fatalities, as well as to protect equipment.

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