White Paper: HWB Series

The HWB Series from Littelfuse offers multi-circuit vehicle power distribution in a rugged, sealed, compact unit. This white paper will provide background on why, and how, to choose the correct assembly.

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Protect Your Critical Power Electronics

POWR-SPEED® line of high-speed (semiconductor) fuses now expanded

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setP Temperature Indicator

Senses overheating damage in USB Type-C cables

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Sealed M10 ZCASE Fuse

Designed to mount directly to a standard Forklift Battery to provide short circuit protection to the highest current circuits powering electric vehicles.

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SP3208 and SP3213 Series TVS Diode Arrays

First commercially popular silicon-based ESD protection devices with less than 0.1 pF capacitance

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Discrete MOSFETs and Discrete IGBTs

Discrete MOSFETs & Discrete IGBTs

Find the right solution for your application.

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Charged EV Article

Extend the life and improve the performance of your EV Charging equipment. Read our Charged EV article to learn how.

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